I’ve watched hours of television coverage following yesterday’s bombing in Dahyieh, but rarely have I seen any stories about the victims.

Critics have assailed major Western news outlets for labeling the neighborhood a “Hezbollah stronghold” and thus stripping the innocents of any humanity.

But with the exception of this Al Jadeed report embedded above, many Lebanese news organizations have not done much better. Instead of shedding light on the fallen, they have surrendered their airwaves–as usual– to the pundits and politicians, spreading demagoguery with abandon.

Even those who claim to represent the victims often speak in defiant terms of martyrdom, pride and unflinching support for the party. But this story is not just about geopolitics, it’s not just about Hezbollah, Nasrallah, Israel or Syria. It is also about the human beings that are now gone and those they have left behind. Each one has a story.


Thanks for posting the video Ibrahim

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