Dear Mr. Hariri, 
The internet has been totally pathetic lately, half as pathetic as usual that is.
Though I and thousands of other Lebanese are paying an arm and a leg for glacial speeds like 1mbps, what we are getting this week is actually half of that:
The telecom minister is blaming your man at Ogero, Abdel Moneim Youssef and he’s just purchased Facebook ads to publicize that:
The ads are linked to his Facebook status where Minister Sehnaoui explains that Youssef is not releasing bandwidth to ISPs, thus “strangling” bandwidth to the whole country:

Youssef won’t speak to the media; he won’t even answer the phone when MPs in your political party try to call him, as I found out. 
Even an Ogero employee has told me Youssef is obstructing the internet in Lebanon.
Mr. Hariri, I think the citizens of Lebanon deserve an explanation. Are you supporting this man and is he slowing down our internet? 

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