As Syria’s war continues to ‘spill’ –some may even say ‘flood’— over Lebanese borders, local audiences are increasingly tuning into the country’s hottest new reality show: “Splash”

Perhaps a nod to all the water-based metaphors about Lebanon’s instability, Splash sees local pop stars and TV celebrities compete every week at a giant indoor high dive pool.

The show is filmed live before a poolside studio audience and viewers at home can vote for their favorites via text message.

But if the hit American sitcom Sinefield pitched itself as a “show about nothing” then Splash is really just a show about cleavage.

Even the contestants parents…

And the judges too:

Not limited to the front side:

And the obligatory East European dancers, a must in Lebanese television:

But then again, cleavage seems to be big on all LBC shows these days, even in the morning:

And most other Lebanese channels as well:

  1. Not sure what this post is about to be honest.
    Are you offended by the ‘cleavage’ on Lebanese TV? Are you expecting diving contestants to wear burqas?
    Most of the photos are far from showing the minimal cleavage as per your saying, unless you’ve been living all your life in KSA.

  2. I’m not sure you have to be a Wahabist to take gender representations-or just programming in general- seriously. But if they were wearing Burqas I would definitely post on that too. Wait, did you just give someone at LBC an idea?

  3. Charles, I don’t know what to say to you. Why does it have to be cleavage OR burkas? Black or white? This (and other shows) are very much shaping our perception of women, especially Lebanese women. I’m all about competing, but isn’t this distracting the viewer from the alleged point of the show? And being tolerant, liberal, or progressive doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the number of naked women you see on TV.

  4. Well said. It’s interesting–and sad–that dressing down has become an indicator of modernity– a very shallow one at least. Then again, this is only the “minimum cleavage” according to Charles. Perhaps g-string is the ultimate enlightenment.

  5. It’s a shame that Lebanon has to prove itself among other nations in the region to be more modern through such materialistic perversions. Women should be able to dress as they like (and I personally dislike headscarves), but as the person above said, even on the most western tv news stations, the attention is towards the news not the tits. This seems to be a cyclical phenomenon in the region, as it happened at the turn of the 20th century in my country, Egypt.

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