Like many abandoned Beirut mansions, this one in Clemenceau is covered in a jungle of weeds.

I wonder what this place would look like if they were cleared away.

As is often the case, some of the window frames appear to have been stripped on the top floor, perhaps sold on the antique market. The balcony rails as well.
Remarkably though, a couple of the windows (top center) seemed to have survived. Considering the amount of shelling that went on, I’m always fascinated to find pieces of glass in tact in bombed out buildings.
But this one doesn’t look too bad. There are barely any shell markings. In fact, the pillagers seemed to have done more damage than the war. Perhaps the owner had some “wasta” i.e. connections?  

So who lived here?

A long time Ras Beirut resident who saw this picture immediately identified it has the home of former Prime Minister Takkieddin el-Solh

But after a quick internet search, I found that el-Solh’s home is reportedly a few blocks away on Spears Street–at least according to this incredible blog post by photographer Craig Finlay who snuck in and took this photo:
There are a lot more great photos on the page.
I wonder if similar treasures could be find in the Clemenceau mansion I’ve featured here. Unfortunately it is very close to a major politician’s house, so sneaking in may cause a national emergency!
Please comment below, especially if you know anything about it. 

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