Snoop Dogg and his band threw an outstanding show in Beirut last week. I got a behind-the- scenes look at all the action while shooting a piece for CNN.

The Dogg was very down to earth during our interview and it seems he truly had a good time here, especially at the after party where he waved his hands in the air and then MC’d at Skybar–the place where everybody who is anybody (or at least so thinks) wants to be in Lebanon this summer. Below are some photos I snapped in between shooting the video.

Stay tuned to CNN next month for my full report which will air on the program, “Inside the Middle East” as well as an upcoming article that will be posted on CNN’s website. I’ll be covering my interview with the show’s promoter who promises to bring Snoop back for a full Middle East tour.

Snoop strolls off the runway and into Beirut airport’s VIP lounge. He awaits passport check with head phones on….

Snoop gets into the front seat of a brand new Benz before pulling out of the VIP terminal’s private driveway (head phones still on). He’s flanked by the show organizer, who’s behind the wheel. I’m assuming they talked business the whole way to the hotel:

Snoop takes the stage a few hours later:

He was sporting some serious bling…

Then it was on to the after party at Skybar, an open air club on the Mediterranean. It’s one of the hardest places to get into in Beirut:

Snoop and his band took the VIP balcony sections, overlooking the crowds:

Snoop’s drummer, who tore down the house a half hour earlier, was impressed:

As were other members of the band:

Though some preferred to mingle:

As for Snoop– he was barely visible amid the throngs of groupies:

Of course champagne was served Beirut style, with sparklers:

The after party ended around 3:30AM, then it was back to the Phoenicia Intercontinental for the hotel party which apparently lasted till 7AM… but since I don’t have pictures of that, you’ll have to use your imagination as to what happened next.

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