The Lebanese Forces is really serious about promoting its new magazine Al Massira.  Not only has the party canvassed nearly every pedestrian bridge, rooftop and billboard along the highway: 

They have also branded the highway itself:
I’ve always wondered if the Lebanese Forces–or any other Lebanese parties– actually pay anyone for such ads. And it’s not just highways. The LF and others routinely hang their posters and flags on highway light posts, even employing sophisticated crane crews in the process. 
Surely, such esteemed parties would not claim public space without a proper permit. I’m interested to see how “Al Massira” which promises to cover citizens’s everyday issues, will take on the everyday appropriation of public space. 

Correction: Al Massira is not a new magazine per se; it is a re-launch as the publication, which began publishing in the 1980s, was shut down in the early post-war years. Thanks Leila

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