The parliamentary bodyguard who drove his car into activists last month (video) is still free, as the prosecuting judge has delayed submitting his case to trial, Nizar Saghieh, an attorney representing the activists, said after a press conference Wednesday.

The activists also presented video evidence contradicting much of the MP’s vague testimony–where he asserted his convoy had been attacked by the same unarmed activists a day earlier.

In one video, we can see the MPs convoy vehicles leaving the scene with no visible damage–contrary to the claim that the activists had caused damage to his bullet-proof cars.

Though some media outlets such as Naharnet and MTV have parroted the MP’s claims without question, a number of other TV stations showed up for yesterday’s press conference, proving perhaps that the media message is getting much harder for politicians to control:

Not surprisingly, MTV’s microphone was not on the press conference table:

The lawsuit filed against the bodyguard in question has yet to be submitted to trial and there is no clear deadline for its submission, Saghieh said.

The activists have also filed a complaint against the judge, Danny Zeini, who activists and their lawyers say unlawfully ordered the detention of activists at the Gemmayze police station–and were only freed after a street demonstration demanding their release.

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