If you haven’t noticed, Lebanon’s internet is still one of the world’s worst, and once again, telecom minister Nicolas Sehnaoui is blaming former prime minister Saad Hariri’s ally for the slowdown.
In a live press conference today, Sehnaoui accused Telecom Ministry General Manager Abdel Moneim Youssef–a Hariri appointee– of refusing to approve requests for bandwidth from Lebanese ISPs.
He said no bandwidth requests had been approved since January, with some 1,000 requests pending.  
A very similar scenario was repeated a few months ago and many times before that. 
While Sehnaoui has been speaking to the press, Hariri ally Youssef refuses to answer his phone–even to MPs inside his coalition. 
Sehnaoui and others say Youssef cannot be fired because he is “protected’ by Hariri and his partisans. 
Is this true and isn’t it about time Saad Hariri spoke up about the situation? 
Why should he sit in silence as the Lebanese people and businesses suffer from the world’s least reliable internet? 
I have asked this question before, but have received no response whatsoever. 
Does Mr. Hariri simply not care about our internet speed? If so, we should all remember this silence come election time. 
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