As if things weren’t confusing enough in Lebanon these days, LBC is breaking it out down for us with some–let’s say interesting– graphics. 
Take the recent violence that claimed the life of one protestor outside the Iranian embassy near the sports stadium:
LBC–which is also now airing on its new sister network LDC— illustrated three accounts of what happened:
One story sees the shot fired from a nearby rooftop:

The second sees the men in black shooting the protestor at close range:

The third sees the shot fired from a black mercedes: 

And the black-clad men-(shown as Hezbollah supporters marked by the yellow arm band) having only used sticks. 
In all cases a man is killed: 

I laud LBC’s attempt to make the news more engaging, but I’m sure these graphics will be taken seriously. 
This is not to say graphics are not useful in Lebanese news, which desperately needs to be better broken down for viewers. Maybe we could use more graphics on how many laws are broken every day by lawmakers or why we have no internet or electricity. 
Or better yet, how about some graphics on how many companies each Lebanese MP owns and how that might conflict with the job we–the public–pay him to do. 

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