I’ve been coming to Nahr Ibrahim (Abraham’s River) since I was in high school. In addition to the crystal clear waters and lush green mountains, one of the greatest things about the place is that it offers so much to discover.

Though I’ve been coming here for years, friends are always introducing me to spots I’ve never been to, either for hiking, camping or swimming in the mountain spring-fed lagoons.

Like this waterfall:

…which actually feeds into a second lagoon and smaller waterfall, a few dozen meters down the valley:

… with a sand beach:

There are countless other places to swim and picnic, mid-river:

One cautionary note though: Like most natural wonders in Lebanon, this is wilderness-at-your-own risk, so always go with people who know the trails well. The currents can be dangerous in early summer and every year or so, there are reports of deaths in the deceptively serene waters.

With no safety ropes or rails, hiking along some of the cliff-hanging paths can be hair-raising to say the least. So go with an experienced group and always be extra careful. Never go alone.

  1. Hello, would you be kind enough to give the exact location of this tremendous beautiful waterfall?

  2. Anyone who really wants to know can email me (in the about section). I want add here that I once almost drowned in the river when I thought the current was safe and once almost lost a friend. So please heed the advice above.

  3. Hi I am a nature lover and im familiar with the yahchoush area but i must have missed that waterfall. please can u give me the directions to get there?

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