In addition to the possible Roman gate and road revealed in a previous post, the Landmark site dig (which could be replaced by a 5 star Jean Nouvel hotel) seems to be full of treasures.Among them are what some archeologists believe could be the remnants of a 4th-5th century Byzantine  Basilica.In these wide shots we can see a number of large white-ish mosaic floors, thought to have belonged to the Basilica:

In this close up of the larger (center) slab, we can see an intricate mosaic weave floor with a border trim. Also notice the columns and Corithinians laid on top– presumably found nearby:
Here is a close up of the lower portion of the same central section, cut across the middle, which bears a different design altogether:
You can easily locate this rather uniform break–which almost appears to be a straight line at the far end–in the wide shot images.
A different design also marks the second major slab to the left near the site wall:
Close-up of the top left section:
To an untrained eye, this S type border design seems to look like a serpent–but that’s just a guess.
Finally, below this section, there is a fourth mosaic floor design with diagonal lines:
Zoomed out slightly, we can see this section also seems to contain some type of tiling in the center:
And zoomed out even further, we can see what appears to be another road leading to the area:
More to come…
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