If you haven’t seen it, watch this old Egyptian movie clip about the future of Dalieh. Activists have made some creative modifications to draw attention to the campaign to save this last bit of rocky Beirut coastline.

The #SaveDalieh campaign has organized an ideas competition to rethink the space for public use but hurry up as there is only about 5 days left to register until May 5th. (Submissions are due by May 26.)

The competition is open to both students and professionals of all disciplines. Participants are given access to maps and data looking at the site’s geographical, historic, ecological, archeological and environmental significance. Check the interactive new website at Dalieh.org to access this information, learn more about what is being done and register.

Here’s the poster:

Dalieh-print FINAL

Thanks to the tireless lobbying efforts of the activists, the competition is being sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, which has just announced a draft decree to declare Dalieh a protected natural site.

You can also support the SaveDalieh campaign on Indiegogo where they are raising funds to support the competition and keep this rocky coast free and accessible to the public.

For more background on how politicians and real estate companies have manipulated laws to seize the last undeveloped shores of Beirut and the many things activists are doing about it, see my recent in-depth piece in The Guardian “A city without a shore: Reem Koolhaas, Dalieh and the paving of Beirut’s coast

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