In the report above, LBC documented my criticism of a blatantly sectarian New York Times headline and its subsequent change from “Hezbollah makes vow to step up Sunni fight” to “Hezbollah makes vow to step up Syria fight.”

LBC went further and found the actual Nasrallah soundbite where he addresses those he is fighting in Syria. Nasrallah says: “They are not Sunnis. These people (we are fighting) have no religion. They are killers.”

This proves that not only was The Times headline wrong, it conveyed the exact opposite of Nasrallah’s speech, where he specifically vowed not to be fighting Sunnis in general or Sunnis at all.

The reporter apologized for the headline, which was written in New York, and swiftly had it changed after seeing my post. But bigger questions prevail. How did the New York editor come up with an inflammatory headline that was completely absent from the reporter’s story?

And while sectarianism is often seen as a Middle Eastern issue, how much of it is actually being packaged and produced outside the region?

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