Some would have us believe there is a clash of civilizations on the horizon. Not when it comes to fried chicken.

Watch out KFC–Lebanese Fried Chicken (LFC)–is on the offensive. The Beirut-based firm is apparently going global–they’ve recently changed their name to “LFCI” or “Lebanese Fried Chicken International.”

My friends say it tastes the same, if not better than KFC–and at about half the price. (I’m trying to stop eating fried stuff, so I watched them feast.)

But there is a long road ahead for little LFC. Kentucy Fried Chicken is a huge player in the Lebanese fast food business, maintaining about a dozen massive outlets in the country of 4 million. (Their employees even have a facebook page.)

LFC will be competing, as most Lebanese restaurants do, with a ridiculously large menu:

Including value meals with hummus:

Good luck LFC!

  1. Well I was being a little sarcastic I guess, but I don’t think we’ve lost our ingenuity Jad–I have to say I’m impressed by the growth and creativity of Lebanese chains such as Casper, Roadster and Kabab Ji. Of course LFC could have chosen a better name, but if they are providing jobs (and good chicken), more power to them!

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