Where else in the world can one go on live television and smoke profusely during an interview? And where else but a totally lawless country do politicians smoke on live TV? This is a snapshot of former MP Najah Wakim, head of the People’s Movement, on Manar TV, which is one of the country’s most popular stations. He had at least 3 cigarettes during the interview, at one point engulfing the entire studio in a cloud of smoke. This was particularly distracting when several plumes obstructed the view of Imad Marmal (right), arguably the most charismatic host on Hezbollah-backed Al Manar. Interestingly–and this could be totally unrelated–he is also the only Manar personality to have gone against the Iranian current by routinely wearing neck ties. I guess this would make him a “moderate” Arab broadcaster.

  1. Thanks for your support, and glad you enjoyed it. I don’t mean to single out Al Manar; Wakim will probably be lighting up in whatever studio he visits.

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