The Arab world is more divided than ever today and this can be illustrated through a very unscientific and simplistic survey of driving around town and then coming home to watch some mind-numbing television.

The poster above was recently hung up along Lebanon’s ever-politicized airport highway, which is often used to champion political parties and leaders associated the anti-government opposition (i.e. welcome to ‘our‘ country, and make no mistake about who’s really in charge here). This latest chapter in the poster war sees a bloodthirsty Condeleezza gnawing on a baby with the caption: “America is the mother of terrorism.” As as part of the gory Beirut welcoming campaign, she is joined by dozens of airport highway billboards promising to avenge “the blood” of assassinated Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh. By contrast, when I get at home and switch on the set, I am confronted with this image of a video DJ on Kuwait’s Al Rai TV.

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