This doomsday-like cloud loomed ahead as we drove through Saida (Sidon) today. 
According to this super short report in the Daily Star, it was a plastics factory that caught fire, but there were few other details, except that the plant was reportedly owned by Yehya Hariri. It wasn’t clear if there was any relation to the powerful Hariri family, also from Saida. 
This ownership detail was curiously not included in the even smaller articles on the blaze that appeared in popular news sites Naharnet and Now Lebanon, which only devoted three sentences to the story.    
And yet the fire over Lebanon’s third largest city could be seen for miles:

Seems a news event like this might warrant more attention, considering the amount of toxins that have been released into the sky.

It’s also unclear if the fire affected the city’s massive garbage dump, which has frequently ignited in the past
With so many environmental disasters befalling Saida, it’s hard to believe so many big politicians live here. 
I wonder if this new guy running for office will do anything about it:

The cloud lingered for miles, putting a damper on this beautiful day…

….and this great interfaith billboard with sheikhs and priests high fiving one another:

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