One of the latest signs of a security crackdown since the twin bombings earlier this summer in Tripoli has been the cordoning off streets near mosques across Beirut. 
I took these shots yesterday near the Shehab Mosque in Hamra, where the entire street was cordoned off ahead of the Adha holiday. 
The cars are allowed back after prayers:  

But between 8-12, no parking is allowed anywhere near the mosque as indicated by the signs:

Passersby told me this streets has been shut down every Friday, and it seems this is the case nationwide ever since the bombs that went off in front of Tripoli mosques last August.

A dismal sign of the times perhaps but many residents probably feel comforted by the move. The question is how long will security forces be able to keep their guard up and how long will parking-starved residents obey the rules. 

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