I wonder if the municipality of Beirut is training us. This lady seems to be doing well, even in 5 inch heels:

Obstacle avoided.

Lady in black also steady and… in the clear:

Will the guy in jeans make it? Oh! He’s landed right in the dirt.

I mean seriously, you’d think the municipality could at least hire an announcer on the sidelines.

  1. Ohh there’s much worse my friend. Check out what they’re doing around next to the Future movement / TV across from Burj El Murr, sidewalks are now off limits for pedestrians.
    The Beirut municipality is working wonders.

    1. I asked a municipality police officer that was standing around the corner about it, he said there’s a political party office there and that there are threats to political parties, shopping centers, office buildings (or in other words they decided to put up these walls and block the sidewalk as an extra precaution in their “امن ذاتي”). When I asked if this (blocking the sidewalk) was approved by the municipality he said of course. Finally I said pointed out that pedestrians are now forced to walk in the street instead of on the sidewalk and that a pathway for pedestrians should be left, he replied that my concerns are legitimate but that these fortifications are only temporary. But everyone knows “temporary” is loosely interpreted in Lebanon 🙂

    2. I think I saw what you are talking about, you mean the concrete barricades? I think those buildings at the intersection all belong to the party. Obviously it’s okay to put citizens in danger in the middle of the street to protect the important folks.

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