By now the whole world knows the names of three Israelis killed in the West Bank last week. And thanks to yesterday’s New York Times (as seen above), we also know their family names, their ages, what they where doing at the time and even what type of religious school they were attending. But why did the Times fail to report anything personal about six dead Palestinians mentioned in the same article? (see right column). Why do dead Palestinians not have names?

When the three Israelis were first abducted, the story made international headlines for weeks. But when 400 Palestinians were abducted, this was just a detail, barely a one sentence footnote buried in the bottom of an article for background.

Double the number of Israelis killed, over 100 times the number of Israelis kidnapped. How many more  multiples of Palestinians need to die or become abducted to cause the New York Times to print their names, ages or anything humanizing about them?

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