Just another day at a Lebanese government office.

Isn’t she a beauty?

I asked the officers on duty–there were about six of them crammed into a small room, some sitting on a busted up cot–why they don’t demand a better typing machine.

“Oh, it’s wonderful,” the senior officer said, smiling. “You won’t find anything like it.”

“When he uses it,” he said pointing to the junior lieutenant, “the noise it makes puts me to sleep every time. In fact, I can’t sleep without it!”

  1. Even without the cover I think I know the brand of type writer, I think its an Olivetti, my father had one at his office ages ago, a solid machine, a real workhorse. Its a major improvement for government departments that used to hire office clerks with good penmanship skills to write out official documents by hand. I still have an old passport filled out by hand.

  2. Interesting, and I think Olivetti had a big old vintage sign on some building in Beirut, I vaguely remember. And yes hard to believe they were still handwriting passports, even in the 1990s!

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