Like many new towers going up in Beirut, Trillium sells its flats for millions of dollars. Does this mean only millionaires are “real men”?

How does one become a millionaire in Lebanon anyway? The minimum wage is less than $500 and even college-educated young professionals make between $1,000-$2,000 month.

Also what home does a “real woman” buy? Or do “real women” not buy homes? Does a real woman just wait for a man to give her one?

This ad was for Valentine’s day. I can’t imagine what a ‘real man’ would buy her for Christmas.

  1. Stupid Lebanese marketing. I hate those fuckers, and that whole “I’m better than you” society we live in.

    1. How else would these sorts of people feel better about themselves, besides attempting to give others (what they deem as) an inferiority complex? Its not like they have commendable (honest) accomplishments of their own

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