There appears to be nothing left of a major downtown Beirut excavation that took place here a month ago. Compare the photo above to photos I took in June:
In June, we could see a series of tents as archeologists worked on the site, which is located in Saifi:

But today, the tents have been completely cleared. Here is another recent shot, panning right:
In both the new and old photos we can see a large number of blue crates in the background, meaning dozens if not hundreds of ancient artifacts were found on site.
The project going up here is a block of luxury apartments known as Saifi Plaza. 
The development had previously been called Saifi Gardens, when I first took pictures of the site in March
So what was found here? 
If anyone has any knowledge of the site or knows someone who might, please leave a comment and I would be happy to update the post with details.
The project is actually taking up a second plot of land, where it appears digging continues till today:

These sites are located not far from the city center, where many ruins of Roman Beirut, including the city gate , hippodrome and theatre complex are believed to have been discovered. Could this site reveal yet more pieces to the puzzle that is Roman Berytus, one of the most prominent cities in the empire?

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