Like many Lebanese, I’m already out of internet this month (yes that is possible) which means I’m charged a penalty for each additional megabyte spent. This means I’ll have to cut down on Skype and avoid Youtube like it’s the plague. 
But while I was carefully watching my megs and mourning the loss of video, a ray of light appeared on the television screen. It was our telecom minister holding another press conference, this time inaugurating ‘free internet’ in a public park in Zahle.
And if you take a close look at the sign behind him, it says: “All you can download 24/7”
This is amazing considering that Lebanese internet users are restricted to plans as low as 4GB per month–barely enough for software updates or minimal video use.
The kids in Zahle seemed to be enjoying their staged appearance, likely scheduled by the PR team:
Even showing the cameras they could load videos:

The ministry has already released free internet in four gardens over the past couple of years. But when I tried several months ago in Sanayeh park in Beirut, there was so much traffic I could not even connect. 
I wonder if that has improved and how much speed you can actually get in these gardens. If it is good enough, I might as well set up a tent and hang out for a while–at least until I get my new internet rations next month. 

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