Lebanese weather women (yes all of them are female) are better known for their tight jeans than meteorology skills.

But local station Al Jadeed is now taking the forecast to a new level with its nod to sadism and leather fetishes:

In addition to the elbow-length Darth Vader gloves, she’s also wearing matching black leather pants.

Thank you Al Jadeed, for making one of the world’s most perplexing countries even stranger.

  1. they kind of all look like that to me. but very nice observations, especially since the weather itself has been rather sadistic lately.

  2. Wonderful … They probably sold 10,000 pairs while she was on the air. They probably told her like the others that the gloves were wagyu and now they are probably marketing the gloves, ‘ball’ dress to Neiman Marcus in the Gulf because they are loyal patriots that don’t drink Coca Cola but only Pepsi because its … they have no idea.

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