I’ve seen this Ferrari before. It is always parked in front of the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Nader Saab, as indicated in the Arabic lettering on the window behind it.

But this is no ordinary quarter of a million dollar sports car. Have a closer look and you’ll notice that the license plate is not even Lebanese, it is Saudi Arabian as indicated by the “KSA” on the right corner. The plate number is “1”


So why does a Lebanese plastic surgeon have the seemingly most important license plate number in Saudi Arabia? Suggestions welcome!

According to his website, Saab’s clinic is “the first and only private esthetic surgery clinic in the world” offering “full service 5-star luxury in catering to the esthetic desires of its clientele.”

  1. The letters are included in the number plate
    which makes this car number : GKN1 and not”1″
    wikipedia:” The plates consist of three letters and up to four numbers”

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