Something very strange has been happening in Lebanon: terrorism suspects are actually getting caught and arrested.

The first shocker was the warrants, sketches and arrests issued for suspects behind the Tripoli double bombing. And a week earlier, three bomb-makers were arrested with the intention of “carrying terrorist attacks across Lebanon.”

Meanwhile three more have been charged today in setting up the mystery rockets fired recently at Israel. And just have a look at Nahrnet’s newsfeed tonight. Scores have been arrested nationwide, in just one day!

Unfortunately, very few details are released in many of these cases. And little reporting is done beyond the name of the suspects.

But all this is a huge departure from past years and months when no evidence–not even sketches–were released following dozens of bombings across the country since 2005.

This newfound law and order is just wonderful. But I also wonder, where has it been all this time?

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