There is a certain time almost every afternoon when the traffic policeman on duty at this busy intersection near Antelias simply seems to give up.

The drivers are left to regulate themselves, meaning everyone suddenly has the ‘right-of-way’

 For example, the black SUV on the left decides to take a left turn, while the silver SUV on the right decides to go straight. Both head in the same direction:

Meanwhile other cars enter the same intersection from opposing directions:

This would probably lead to a series of head-on collisions in a lot of places, but in Lebanon you manage. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Police, like anyone else, need to take breaks. But why isn’t there anyone to replace them?

I passed by the next day and I noticed the same officer on his cell phone. I went through the intersection unbeknownst to him, as did the poor bloke trying to cross on foot.

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