American hip hop legend Snoop Dogg (pictured here on the cover of a local newspaper) will be performing this Thursday in Beirut. CNN has asked me to cover the event so stay tuned for updates. I’ve been in touch with the show’s promoter Roger Kalaouz and Associates, who says this is the best summer Lebanon has seen in decades, with performances over the last few weeks by the Pussy Cat Dolls, Kelly Rowland, Deep Purple, Akon and others. You can read more about my interview with Kalaouz on Cnn’s website here.

A couple of things that didn’t make it into the article: Kalaouz said he was working on other big hip hop acts this summer but didn’t want me to mention them just yet–but trust me you’ve heard of them. Also, when asked why he chose to bring Snoop to Beirut, he said: “It’s for my young daughter–whatever she requests from me I will do…” Kalaouz was tight lipped when it came to costs associated with the show, but made sure I knew he paid top dollar to out bid everyone else in the region: “That’s the power of R, K & A” he said in a reference to his events company.

  1. There seem to be a lot of complaints about the Snoop Dogg interview at regarding language and lyrics

    Personally I think Snoop has really cleaned up his act and is working hard on his CV! He is doing a lot of work for inner city kids, which is commendable..

  2. Vicky, I doubt the veracity of that interview. Snoop never used any profanity in his interview with me or in any of the other interviews I overheard with other media organizations or in the 45 minute press conference for that matter. He was actually very down to earth and humbled by the experience of being in Beirut. I will be posting photos shortly as a prelude to a piece I shot that will be airing on CNN.

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