Nowhere in this article is there a quote from Hezbollah’s leader “vowing to step up Sunni fight.”

Agree with him or not–and many are particularly angry about today’s mass killing— Nasrallah has not called for a “Sunni fight.”

Much like Russia, Hezbollah’s battle in Syria is a political, economic and logistical one. A battle for what it fears is its own survival.

Much like the USA, Hezbollah propagandistically frames this fight as a war against “terrorists” and “extremists.”

Yet for some reason, the New York Times finds it okay to substitute the word “extremist” with “Sunni” when it comes to Nasrallah.

Can you imagine if The Times applied the same logic to George Bush’s speeches? Instead of  “Bush vows to step up war against terror” they could just print: “Bush vows to step up war against Islam.”

How would that go down?

Analysts like to claim sectarianism is a product of savage Middle Easterners. But what about those fine folks sitting behind computers on 41st street in midtown Manhattan?


UPDATE: As a direct response to this post, The Times has just changed the headline. Here’s their response.

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