Have you ever been to Lake Naccache? It’s so romantic with restaurants right on the waterfront.

But strangely, the people drive cars, not boats:


…which doesn’t make sense because the waves are good enough for sailing:


…especially when a big truck pulls up and causes a mini tsunami, that brings the water up to the headlights:


Maybe the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Naccache can apply to UNESCO to protect this important wetland.

Obviously the municipality could not disturb such a cultural attraction by spending the residents’ tax money on things they need like storm drains. It also contains important organic compounds like raw sewage, another heritage item worth preserving wild and free from the captivity of pipes and plumbing.


The ministry of tourism should get involved too. Remember that commercial they did about all the places Lebanon “looks’ like but really isn’t and will never be, like London, Marbella, Tokyo, etc:

Isn’t it time we add Venice to that list?

And while we are at it, considering the fact that you can now go to jail in Lebanon for a Facebook post, maybe we should add Beijing, Riyadh, Dubai and North Korea to the list too! Yay for sister cities!

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