Good news! Beirut Report has been nominated as “Best News Blog” in Lebanon’s first annual Social Media Awards.

With competition like Nahrnet, one of Lebanon’s most established news websites with a staff, advertising and big time political connections– this one-man show can use all the help he can get.

So if you’ve enjoyed my coverage of the crap we call Lebanese internet, our remaining heritage structures, media deconstructions and all the fun-loving chaos in between, all you need to do is click twice.

Go to the Beirut SMA site, select Best News Blog from the second little dot on the bottom and then select and highlight Beirut Report. Takes 30 seconds!

It’s not easy to keep this site up for free, but who knows, maybe voting will help me get paid someday.



Update: April 3

Nahrnet has just pulled out of the race, saying it would be “unfair” to compete with bloggers. I hope this post didn’t have anything to do with that 😉

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