Television viewers were treated to a match-made-in-Lebanon tonight. 
On the left, wearing yellow, was a team Ahed. They were sponsored by Hezbollah’s Al Manar television, whose logo is emblazoned on the player’s chest. 
And on the right, wearing white, was a visiting team known as “V. Badu”  sponsored by Coke. I have no idea which country they represent, but where else in the world can Islamist and capitalist brands fight it out on a football pitch?
Sure there was conflict:    
Moments of despair: 

Moments of joy:

One player was even taken to hospital:

But fortunately, no red cards were issued, and everyone shook hands afterwards, in good sporting spirit:

Maybe Israel and Iran need to have a soccer match. 
Perhaps that would soothe world tensions, and also fill the white elephant stadium known as Beirut Sports City (below), which despite millions of dollar in investment, is usually empty. But I digress. 
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