Last night while cruising down Charles Malek–one of Ashrafieh’s busiest roads– I was almost forced to veer and crash into the car on my left, because a black mercedes was curiously parked in my lane.

Upon closer inspection, I could see that the nice guy who created this hazard owned a 3 number plate–which in Lebanon– will cost more money than the German sports car he was driving.

Then upon even closer inspection, we see this plate belongs to a member of the “judiciary” as indicated in the red section below the justice scale.

All this begs the question: If a legal authority parks in the middle of the road, does this set a legal precedent for such behavior, therefore making it legal?

I wonder if judge “898” can enlighten us.

  1. u r living in a dream world. It’s good judge “898” did not file charges against you for not respecting his roayal right of doing whatever he wants unquestioned and then drag you to a prison cell, of which no one knows. You must thank your luck!!!

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