Looks like we could have another interesting archeological dig in central Beirut. These pictures were sent to me this morning by reader Zal fa, who shot them between the construction walls.

It would be great if some of the residents of nearby buildings could get some aerial shots from their vantage point. Anyone know someone who lives there?

The dig must not be too old, because it is not apparent in this google earth image of the area.

The site occupies the large parking lot near the bottom left, which used to be used for the weekly organic market, Souk El Tayeb.

Here are the photos Zal fa sent blown up in original size.

  1. Habib, there are also ruins just north of the Medco station on George Haddad. There are archaeologists working there. Is there any chance that you or someone who reads this site could talk to them about how it is decided that archaeologists are allowed access to a site?

  2. Do you mean on Gouraud street? From what I know, it is the Antiquities Directorate that strictly controls which archeologists are allowed on sites and each is managed by an archeologist appointed there. Worth looking into further.

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