Those were the words of this survivor interviewed by Al Jadeed TV in the hospital this evening. The bomber’s ability to circumvent even the tightest security measures of Hezbollah should give many pause.

This latest attack comes one week after another bomber penetrated one of the most surveilled parts of Beirut. As usual, investigators have uncovered very few details about the culprits in either case.

The only common thread seems to be the relative ease to train and arm persons ready to commit such inhuman, cold-hearted attacks. The survivor, who had been dining at a nearby restaurant, added:

“It was a normal day. People were out buying groceries or clothes. There is no (security) center here. There was no specific target.”

Minister Charbel appearing on LBC a few days ago.

Also speaking to Al Jadeed TV was Lebanon’s Interior Minister, Marwan Charbel, who said: “The whole country is targeted. The perpetrators have no sect or religion.”

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