In defiance of parliament’s decision to renew its term this afternoon– and thus delay elections for over a year– protestors pelted MPs cars as they left Nejmeh Square.

Tomatoes rained down on the black tinted luxury vehicles. Some attached protest stickers, others pounded the hood. Policemen tried in vain to hold them back, but many could not help smiling. “We wish we could join them,” one soldier told me.

Today’s decision by MPs also nullifies the victories of independent candidates, an illegal and unconstitutional move, activists say, aimed at silencing opposition to the dominant parties.

Protestors today chanted: “Theives! Theives! Leave the country!”

Here are some of the pictures I took.

It all began with activists throwing tomatoes at MPs faces printed on a canvas:

Some even got out their shoes:

But then, MPs’ cars started pouring of the Majlis and in the heat of the moment, the target changed to their vehicles:

Many of the cars were forced to back up and change directions, taking a beating as they went.

After nailing enough cars, the activists continued their planned protest, marching toward Martyr’s square with mock coffins to bury the constitution:

“You have no right decide when we have elections,” one speaker said. “It is our right to decide.”

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