No picture can capture the absolutely vile, all-encompassing stench coming from the Costa Brava dump, which is conveniently located just meters away from the main national coastal highway, concealed behind a concrete wall.

Getting stuck in traffic there is like sitting next to a million rotting eggs with nowhere to go. Closing the window or turning on the AC makes no difference–the scent is unstoppable. (Never mind that the nearby Beirut airport has had to stop using one of its runways due to proximity of birds flying around the landfill or that area wildlife and archaeology is also being destroyed in its construction.)

So whose bright idea was it to put a toxic smelling landfill right next to the highway that nearly every person in the country needs to use? It’s like saying: “hey, instead of putting a landfill far from population centers, let’s make sure everyone in the entire country gets to inhale it.”

Why were there no alternative sites for this landfill?

Perhaps parliament should be temporally relocated close to Costa Brava (where many people actually live everyday) to ensure a speedy resolution to this public health crisis.


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