I thought something was strange yesterday when one “Maria Jamal” confidently alleged that I had “fabricated” Monday’s assault by DistrictS site staff. She repeated this three consecutive times on my Facebook page:

Interestingly,  Ms. Jamal’s picture-less profile had been created the same day as her accusations against me, some of my friends on FB pointed out.

Not only that, but Maria Jamal’s curiously vague charge:

…was a verbatim copy (grammar problems and all)- of a tweet by Rasha Rteil, who works for a major PR company.

@monajem A drama fabricated story. He was allowed to enter & he misused it! I read the project is legit & archaeology is under preservation!
— Rasha Rteil (@RashaRteil) May 15, 2013

And yet the only person to retweet Rteil, was mysterious Maria Jamal herself.

Like her Facebook page, Maria Jamal’s twitter handle seems to have been created with a specific target in mind. The only person she follows is me.

So Maybe Rasha Rteil has long lost twin sister?

Either that or District S fans/family are pulling some pretty low-budget trolling, which is kind of surprising for a $250 million project.

I wonder if Ms. Rteil, who describes herself on LinkedIn as a “senior digital strategist” experienced in “result based online campaigns” can help. 

UPDATE: 16/5/13

Hours after outing Maria Jamal in this post, her Facebook profile has magically disappeared.

When you click on her FB posts on my wall, her profile never loads.

Troll down.

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