Congratulations! Lebanon recorded the slowest upload speed in the world today:

At least according to my speed test.

The internet was pretty abomidable last night as well:

In fact, this is probably one of the worst weeks ever. There are a number of reasons for slow internet in Lebanon such as poor infrastructure and lack of accountability, as I noted in a post earlier this week. 
But something seems really worse than usual lately. Unfortunately our ISPs and government operate with such impunity that they don’t feel the need to inform us about what’s going on. 
I actually called my ISP Cyberia tonight for the second time this week and they simply said: “There is a problem with the internet today.” 
What’s the problem, I asked. “I cannot tell you.”
When will it be fixed? “We don’t know.”
For those of you wondering how I was even able to upload this post, I waited about three hours before I could open the Blogger webpage. After that, I had to upload each of the two screen shots above about four times each, because the connection cuts every 20 seconds resulting in broken j-pegs. Finally I managed to get them up in the small window of connectivity between cuts. Then I had to make about 10 more attempts at the “Publish” button. And four hours later, success!   

  1. gratz on upload bro!! there is “something” wrong with ontornet in lebanon which population doubledsince usa wants to save syrian people what you think syrian dont watch porn? and transmog? seriusly bro cyberia get new isp you will get 0.8 download instead of 0.01 finaly our minister of telecomunication has twitter why dont you thank him for his work!

  2. @AnonymousSeptember 12, 2013 at 3:40 PM
    Now the Syrians are to blame? They use internet but don’t pay for it? Oh, they do pay for their internet but the LEBANESE providers and government got richer but didn’t invest in structure? Again, whose fault is it again?
    By the way, Syrian internet has always been more reliable.

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